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Prohibited Uses

Visa, Mastercard, Discover and AmericanExpress cards must never be used for illegal purposes. Also, merchants must never use card account numbers to refinance existing debts or as payment for debt deemed as uncollectible (i.e., recover funds for a dishonored check).

Minimum Transaction Amount

When a customer uses a credit card to buy goods or services, you may establish a minimum purchase amount and disclose it clearly, but it must not exceed $10. Minimum purchase amounts cannot be applied to transactions that are processed with a signature debit card.


Visa and MasterCard allows merchants to impose credit card surcharges under certain conditions(surcharge amount cannot exceed its merchant discount rate and it is capped at 4%). The proposed settlement does not cover debit card transactions, and some states prohibit surcharges.


Authorization Response Code
  • Approved: Card issuer approves the transaction. This is the most common response.
  • Declined or Card Not Accepted: Card issuer does not approve the transaction. The transaction should not be completed.
  • Call, Call Center or Referrals: Card issuer needs more information before approving the sale. You should cal your authorization center and follow whatever instructions you are given.
  • Pick Up: Card issuer wants to recover the card. Do not complete the transaction.
How to Code 10

If you're suspicious of a card or cardholder at anytime during a transaction authorization process, you will need to make Code 10. 

  1. Ask the customer for card number, name and billing address for the card being used.
  2. Call your voice authorization center and say 'I have a Code 10 authorization request'.
  3. When connected to the special operator, answer all questions calmly. 
  4. If all the information matches, you will have an Authorization Code. Otherwise, do not continue the sale and request another payment option.

*Although Code 10 is preventive measure, Code 10 does not guarantee that a transaction will not be disputed later. 


To help reduce fraud for 'Card Absent Transactions', the major credit card companies implemented authentication system to ascertain if the credit card used in a transaction is actually in the possession of the owner. If CVV2/CVC2/CMID/CID does not match, the number given could be stolen and/or counterfeit card. You may need to request another form of payment.