"With CDS, you can accept major credit/debit cards safely and efficiently for a simplified check-in and checkout process"



The all-in-one wireless smart terminal that speeds up the payment process while reducing check-in and check-out lines.

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The best in hotel e-commerce with stunning website designs so you can market your hotel and let guests know why they should absolutely book with you.

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CDS helps you protect and handle chargebacks and retrieval requests. Often we can act on your behalf to prevent chargeback before they occur. 

Related FAQ

1. How long does authorization remain valid?

Authorization remains Valid For The Estimated Length Of A Guest’s Stay. You should obtain An Incremental Authorization Approval For The Additional Transaction Amount that you expect will be generated the extended lodging period.

2. How to make incremental authorization?

1. Contact the customer to confirm the extended length of stay.
2. Follow standard authorization procedures provided by CDS to obtain an Incremental Authorization Approval For The Additional Transaction Amount.
3. If you receive a decline response an incremental authorization, contact the customer and ask for another form of payment.

*** If a hotel stay extends Beyond 2 Weeks, you should settle the transaction and obtain authorization for a new transaction. ***

3. Estimated Authorization
When the guest arrives to check in, you may estimate the guest’s total charges and obtain an authorization for the estimated amount. This estimate of the guest’s total charges must be based on:
  • Expected length of stay
  • Room rate including tax
  • Incidental charges that the hotel expects and are related to the guest stay. (e.g., such as room service, telephone calls, and parking)
***Incidental charges do not include expenses such as damages to the room.***
4. What is 15% rule?

When the guest checks out, authorization is required in the following instances:
If there was no previously estimated authorization and the actual transaction amount is above your hotel’s floor limit, authorize the actual transaction amount.
If there was a previously estimated authorization amount, apply the “15% rule” to determine whether or not incremental authorization is required.

To do this:

  • Add 15% to the previously estimated authorization amount
  • Compare the total (sum of the previously estimated authorization amount plus 15%) to the actual (or final) transaction amount.

5. How do we process charges after check out?

If any additional charges are discovered after check-out(e.g., room service, telephone or mini-bar), the hotel may amend a guest’s bill.

  1. After the guest checks out, deposit a separate sales transaction receipt for the delayed charges, with the words “signature on file” on the signature line.
  2. Obtain electronic authorization, if applicable.
  3. Keep the terminal transaction receipt. Attach it to the guest record.
  4. Mail/e-mail the additional charge information to the cardholder. This should include:
  • The sales transaction receipt with the words “signature on file” on the signature line.
  • A copy of the sales draft with a detailed explanation of the additional charges.
6. How do I guarantee a reservation?

1. Always obtain the following information from the guest:
Card Number, Card Expiration Date, Cardholder’s Name, Cardholder’s Billing Address, Phone Number, Email Address

2. Confirm with the guest:
The room rate(including tax), The hotel name and physical address, The confirmation code for the guaranteed reservation

3. Explain your cancellation policy, Let the guest know if the rules below apply:

  • Cancellation notification may be required up to 72 hours before the scheduled arrival date.
  • If the cardholder makes the reservation within 72 hours of the scheduled arrival date, the cancellation deadline must be no earlier than 6:00pm.
  • Guaranteed rooms must be held until check-out time on the day following the scheduled arrival.
7. No show?

If a cardholder fails to cancel a reservation or claim a room by check-out time or the day following the scheduled available date, you may submit a sales transaction receipt for one night’s accommodation, plus applicable tax.

To do this:
1. Write “No-Show” on the sales transaction receipt.
2. Complete all the portions of the sales transaction receipt including card account number and cardholder’s name.
3. Obtain an authorization if the amount exceeds the floor limit.

***Merchants are protected from no-show disputes when policies are properly disclosed to the cardholder.***


Even if you request and obtain an authorization, you are not guaranteed protection against claims for fraud.

To help you avoid losses:

  • Obtain proof that the card was electronically read and present by obtaining an electronic read of the card or an imprint of the information embossed on the card (this can be done either at check in or check out).
  • Ask the cardholder to sign the hotel agreement, and/or
  • Take appropriate action(s) to avoid other dispute-related issues that may apply to your industry and could result in a chargeback of the card transaction.


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