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1. I haven’t got the deposit yet. How long does it normally take to get the deposit after settlement

2. What's the difference between 'Void' and 'Refund'?

3. What’s the authorization code on Force Sale?

4. There is a message ‘Softpay/Commserver’ on the terminal after blackout. What should I do?

5. Why is my customer’s credit card being declined?

6. There is ‘Amount Due(Balance Due)’ on the receipt. What does it mean?

7. Terminal has been very slow. What’s wrong with the terminal?

8. There is ‘Card Not Supported’ on the debit card processing. What’s the problem?

9. How long does it take to complete the processing for ‘Void’ or ‘Return’?

10. I already batched without tip. Is there any way to add tip?

11. Does CDS help creating our website?

12. There is ACHed on my bank account. Is that from CDS?

13. How can I have the batch report?

14. Let me know how to do manual sale.

15. How can I add TIP?

16. How can I verify the card is not fake?

17. PCI Compliance is an obligation, isn’t it?

18. I’ve got a ‘Retrieval Request’. What should I do?

19. Can’t I request the ID to customer?

20. I want to establish a minimum purchase amount and is it possible?

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