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Chargeback How to
Rules for
1. Do not complete a transaction if the authorization request was declined. Do not repeat the authorization request after receiving a decline.
2. Write or stamp your refund/return policy information on the sales receipt near the customer signature line before the customer signs.
3. If you receive a “Call” message in response to an authorization request, call your authorization center. Be prepared to answer questions. The operator may ask to speak with the cardholder. If approved, write the authorization code on the sales receipt. If declined, ask the cardholder for another card.
4. If the terminal isn’t working or a card’s magnetic stripe cannot be read, key-enter the account information and make an imprint of the embossed information onto the sales receipt using a manual imprinter.
5.  Do not key-enter any transactions on unembossed cards, if you cannot prove the card was present (e.g., manual imprint/magnetic-stripe is read) you may be subject to a chargeback.
6. Obtain cardholder signature. Failure to obtain the cardholder’s signature could result in a chargeback for “no signature” if the cardholder denies authorizing or participating in the transaction.
7. Ensure that incorrect sale receipts are voided and that transactions are processed only once.
8. Settle the batch with your merchant bank as quickly as possible, preferably within one to five days of the transaction date—do not hold on to them. Failure to deposit in a timely manner can result in chargebacks for “late presentment.”
9. Keep customers informed on the status of their transactions.
10. If the merchandise or service to be provided to the cardholder will be delayed, advise the cardholder in writing of the delay and the new expected delivery or service date.
11. Don’t deposit transactions with your merchant bank until you have shipped the related merchandise. If customers see a transaction on their monthly Visa statement before they receive the merchandise, it could lead to a preventable chargeback.
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