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What Solutions CDS have for MO/TO?
1. Risk Management Department
CDS provides a variety of assessment tools to measure and predict consumer risk as well as an array of reports and search services that let you monitor the financial integrity of business customers.
2. Virtual Merchant
Virtual terminal website turns any computer or wireless device with an internet connection into a payment terminal. Simply logon to the virtual terminal website and you can accept credit cards anywhere.
Frequently Asked Questions for MO/TO
1. Let me know how to do manual sale.
It’s possible to complete a manual sale if you have card number and expiration date, however you should have the CVV code, Address and ZIP code with respond code ‘Y’ or ‘X’ in case of chargeback.
2. How can I prevent Chargeback?
Have all the card information such as CVV code, Expiration Date and as well as the billing address should be same as the shipping address to prevent chargeback. Also, it’s better to use UPS, DHL and Fedex otherwise you don’t have any proof of shipping record. Especially, if the shipping address is abroad, you need to be cautious.
3. How can I verify the card is not fake?
The simple way is to check the last 4 digit number. Most terminals have programmed to check the card information on magnetic matches the embossed last 4 digit number on the card. Also, you can utilize ‘Code 10’ to validate the card account.

AVS Verification
Address Verification Service (AVS) verifies the credit card billing address of the customer who is paying with a Visa card. The merchant includes an AVS request with the transaction authorization and receives a result code (separate from the authorization response code) that indicates whether the address given by the cardholder matches the address in the issuer’s file. A partial or no-match response may indicate an elevated fraud risk.


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