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What Solutions CDS have for Lodging?
1. Risk Management Department
CDS provides a variety of assessment tools to measure and predict consumer risk as well as an array of reports and search services that let you monitor the financial integrity of business customers. Our expert chargeback and retrieval handling helps you protect the sales you’ve already made. Often we can act on your behalf to prevent chargeback before they even occur.
2. POS Professional Support Team

CDS o­ffers a variety of robust Point of Sale solutions designed with the innovation and security you would expect from an industry leader plus, the flexibility to support the unique needs of our diverse customer base.

3. General Manager Training

CDS provides the guideline to help you get the card transaction and a basic set of operating procedures that will help your business. Whenever you’re in trouble with terminal or a card processing, you can contact us. Our expert professionals can assist you at anytime.

Frequently Asked Questions for Lodging
1. How can I void the transaction if there is check-in only?
You can void a check-in after check-out. If the check-in only transaction has been on the system for a while, the authorization may have been deleted automatically. Or you can contact the issuing bank to request release the authorization for the amount.
2. How can I remove the hold amount with authorization number?

You can contact issuing bank after void the transaction and then request the hold amount release.

3. Is that okay to charge the room damage after customer left?

There must be customer’s signature for an agreement to pay for delayed or amended charges as defined by your terms and conditions. Otherwise you won’t be protecting from chargeback. Lodging chargeback is very complicated and we’ll do our best to help you out.

No Show 

Ensure your hotel discloses no-show policy. A No-Show transaction occurs when a guest fails to cancel or show up to claim his or her hotel reservation, which can only be charged after the check-out time on the day following the scheduled arrival day. Your establishment is only allowed to charge one night’s rate, plus tax if a guest fails to cancel a reservation. Always display the words “No-Show” on the signature line of the sales transaction receipt/confirmation e-mail/electronic folio provided to the cardholder.

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