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 What Solutions CDS have for E-Commerce?
 1. Risk Management Department
CDS provides a variety of assessment tools to measure and predict consumer risk as well as an array of reports and search services that let you monitor the financial integrity of business customers.
 2. PCI DSS Department
CDS demonstrates compliance and maintaining alignment with PCI requirements can serve you well, but the increasing complexities of today’s networked infrastructure can make this challenging. And you’d probably prefer to focus on core business goals, rather than compliance activities. That’s where we can help. Our comprehensive suite of PCI DSS Department offers a holistic approach to security, risk and compliance.
Frequently Asked Questions for E-Commerce
 1. Why is my customer's credit card being declined?
The payment gateway does not always receive a specific reason as to why a credit card transaction is declined by the card issuing bank. Do not complete a transaction if the authorization request was declined. Do not repeat the authorization request after receiving a decline.
 2. How can I void or return the sale-transaction?
The Void button will be appeared, if available, at the top and bottom of the Transaction Detail page. If the settled transaction is eligible for refund, the Refund button appears at the top and bottom of the Transaction Detail page. The Refund button is available on the Transaction Detail page until the sum of refunds submitted for the transaction equals the original settled amount or the transaction is more than 120 days old.
 3. How can I figure out the transaction status?
If an order contains several partial payments, the top of the page shows the order number, followed by the order status. All transactions entered for this order are listed, showing Transaction ID, transaction status, and approved amount for each line item.

Convenience Fee

For merchants who offer an alternate payment channel (i.e., mail, telephone, or e-commerce) for customers to pay for goods or services, a convenience fee may be added to the transaction amount.

- Disclosed clearly to the Cardholder as a charge for the alternative payment channel convenience

- Disclosed before the completion of the Transaction and the Cardholder is given the opportunity to cancel

- Added only to a Transaction completed in a Card-Absent Environment

- Included as part of the total amount of the Transaction

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