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Cloud Business Solution EMV Mobile Wallet Gift Card


The US would make the transition to EMV cards in October, 2015. EMV®, short for EuroPay, MasterCard and Visa, is a chip-based authentication system and EMV technology is current the global standard for payment processing with credit cards and debit cards. Currently, a cardholder's information is stored on a magnetic stripe found on the back of the card. With EMV technology however, cardholder information, and more, is stored in a chip which is embedded on the front of the card. Not even only Visa and MasterCard but all global card brands, such as Union Pay, JBC, BCcards are moving to EMV-based payments infra structure.


By installing a chip-activated terminal, you are protecting your business from in-store counterfeit fraud and the liability that may come along with it starting October 1, 2015, known as the "EMV Liability Shift." Taking this step to protect your business shows your customers how seriously you take payment card security so they can pay with confidence and you can have peace of mind.


1. Insert Card: Instead of swiping, you'll insert the card into the terminal, chip first, face up.

2. Leave the Card in the Terminal: The card must remain in the terminal during the entire transaction.

3. Sign the Receipt or Enter a PIN: Either sign the receipt or to enter his/her PIN to compete the transaction.

4. Remove the Card: When the purchase is complete, remember to give the card back to the cardholder.

If you want to see how it works, please click here

***EMV® is registered trademark and trademark of EMVCo LLC in the United States and other countries.
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