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What Solution CDS have for Retail?
1. Next Day Funding
For business owners cash flow is always a primary concern. You need to have access to funds in order to pay your bills, meet payroll demands and keep your business running. Simply process your daily batch of transactions or have your terminal or software automatically settle your transactions before 6pm, PST(10pm, EST), and with next day funding your money will be in your bank thenext morning. This exclusive service is available regardless of which bank you use for your deposits.
2. Amex One Point
Your business no longer has to wait 3-5 days to receive your American Express deposits! Amex One Point program allows you to more easily accept and process American Express cards, and may lower the overall merchant cost to accept thiscard type. In addition, Amex one point program simplifies you card acceptance experience by consolidating reporting of card types into one report.
3. Chargeback Department
The Merchant has responsibility for checking over the physical aspects of the card, including embossed account number, the cardholder name and expiration date and customer signature. Also, you should contact CDS Chargeback Department to better determine what additional services could be deployed to reduce fraud andmanage chargeback. The thing you remember is to supply as much information aspossible to your acquirer to help them remedy the chargeback.
Frequently Asked Questions for Retail
1. I haven't got the deposit yet. How long does it generally take to get the deposit after settlement?
It depends on your depository bank however it generally takes 48 to 72 hours(Business Days Only). If you applied for ‘Next Day Funding’ service, you’ll get the deposit very next day.
2. What's the difference between 'Void' and 'Refund'?
Please use ‘Void’ function to cancel the transaction if you hadn’t settled the batch. ‘Refund’ is to be used to credit back to the customer if the batch has been already settled. Please make sure the ‘Refund’ to be issued to the same credit card which the original sale was made.
3. How can I have the batch report?
If the batch has been already settled, the terminal deletes the transaction data therefore you can't print the batch report from the terminal.   
Minimum Amount Transaction
When a customer uses a credit card to buy goods or services, you may establish a minimum purchase amount, but it must not exceed $10. Minimum purchase amounts cannot be applied to transactions that areprocessed with a signature debit card. Merchants are encouraged to disclosetheir minimum purchase requirement. This can be accomplished through signage atthe point-of sale, and through proper verbal communication at the time a cardis presented for payment. 


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